About Us

About Jeffrey’s Café

At Jeffrey’s Café we believe in the intrinsic value of community. Let’s face it, if you didn’t exist, we wouldn’t exist. Because of this undeniable reality, we, as a member of this incredible community, strive to reciprocate the loyalty and affection you’ve given us through active participation in a number of worthwhile community organizations. We truly hope, with time, we can give as good as we get. Jeffrey’s Café is proud to support:


We also take an active role in functions like the “Take Part Take Pride” event with the city of GP, as well as contributing to Salvation Army food drives and food donations to a number of local youth and adult programs focused on underprivileged individuals. Jeffrey’s Café is also a committed international supporter of poverty-fighting organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Shoebox and Compassion International.

A Delicious Cup of Coffee at Jeffrey's Grande Prairie

Sponsorship Opportunities with Jeffrey’s

We’re always looking for new ways to help old friends. We support a number of local initiatives with a combination of cash and product donations. In order to be considered as one of our local go-to charities, just write us a letter describing your event of foundation. Group must be locally-grown and established, or at least have a local chapter and preferred status will be afforded to groups working intimately in poverty, active living or arts & education enterprises. Please don’t hesitate to email us at office@jeffreyscafe.ca.


Catering Grande Prairie Since 1999

Our History

Lance Warkentin began his career as an entrepreneurial chef at the tender age of 20. A self-taught visionary with a curiosity for dough and a “knead” to make some landed him a job creating and baking pastries at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market in 1999. Just a year later Lance was catering special events under the banner of White Sail Event Catering.

With the rapid expansion of the catering business to three separate locations by 2001, the original Jeffrey’s Centre Cafe rested in the Creative Arts Centre, while the purchase of Gourmade in 2002 relocated their catering hub until ’04.

Now with locations on West Side Drive (Mill District). 214 Place downtown and Nordic Court, Warkentin continues a long-standing tradition of bringing eclectic international fare to the good people of Grand Prairie. The extensive menus offered here are hand-picked and comprised of Lance’s travel experiences the world over.

Jeffrey’s Cafe is pleased to cater all manner of events as well as contracting food service supplies for Second Cup, and catering directly for a number of schools including Weyerhaeuser Canada and the GP Curling Club.

Our Values

Jeffrey’s Cafe is committed to environmental consciousness and sustainable development. We take extra precautions to diminish our waste and reduce the carbon footprint by employing a full recycling program. Each of our facilities is equipped with energy-efficient dishwashers, coolers and ranges, as well as economized lighting to reduce the need for heating and air conditioning. We utilize organic, biodegradable products whenever possible and specifically select companies and brands that employ similar methods and share our environmental convictions.

Not only do we pursue to purchase products with the least amount of pesticides, hormones and artificial enhancements, but we also make every effort to support local producers and sellers. At Jeffrey’s we are committed to our community and endeavor to secure direct business relationships with as many local individuals as possible.