Mothers Day Brunch

Join us Sunday, May 8th for our

Mothers Day

Brunch Spectacular 

By Reservation. Set Menu. Seatings from 8:30am-2pm.

Adult (12+) $50     Child (3-11) $20

Modified Menus available for Gluten Free/ Dairy Free and Vegetarian

Modified Menus MUST BE PRE-BOOKED along with reservation and may incur additional costs.

Make reservations by calling 780-539-3131 (Mill District Location)

The Menu

Fresh Baked Pastries, Muffins & Savory Scones (for the table)


Raspberry Passionfruit Parfait

cheesecake mousse, fresh raspberries, passionfruit curd, Greek yogurt, pistachio granola, white chocolate shortbread


Crab, Roasted Red Pepper & Brie Quiche

tender pastry, lump blue crab meat, roasted red bell peppers, creamy Brie cheese in egg filling,  bearnaise sauce

organic spring greens with orange & white balsamic vinaigrette.


Lemon Loaf French Toast

sweet and tangy lemon loaf in egg wash, pan toasted in butter, with fresh strawberries, vanilla bean mascarpone whip, lemon curd, maple syrup


Frittata with Asparagus & Aged White Cheddar. Roasted Farmers Sausage. Oven Roasted Tomato.

red potato, aged white cheddar and asparagus baked with egg & fresh herbs. oven roasted farmers sausage with dijon brown sugar glaze. oven roasted tomatoes in olive oil & fresh basil.  whipped feta.


Ruby Chocolate Sundae

ruby chocolate cheesecake brownie, Mexican vanilla bean ice cream, white chocolate mousse, fresh strawberries, dark chocolate sauce. ruby chocolate macaron.


Children’s Menu

(served alongside courses 1, 3 and 5 of the main menu)

Strawberry Crepes

2 crepes with vanilla custard, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, powdered sugar, maple syrup.


Eggs Benny

each component separate/ scrambled eggs, bacon, toasted English muffin, hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes.


Oreo Cupcake Sundae

mini chocolate Oreo cupcake, vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate sauce, Oreo whipped cream, ruby chocolate dipped Oreo

Beverage Menu

will be posted soon!!!