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Handcrafted Cakes

Custom Handcrafted Cakes

Let’s Create that Cake

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Your search for delicious handcrafted cakes that impress everyone is over. We work with you to create amazing experiences for any of life’s celebrations.

Pricing starts at:

  • $45 for a 2-layered cake
  • $65 for a 3-layered cake

Jeffrey’s 3-layered birthday cake $75

  • $50 for a 2-layered vegan cake
  • $70 for a 3 layered vegan cake


  • $53 for a 2 layered GF cake
  • $72 for a 3 layered GF cake


  • $58 for cheesecakes.


Our Pastry Chef’s Portfolio:

floral cupcakes

handcrafted cake

handcrafted cake chocolate

handcrafted cake layers

       Jeffrey’s 3-layered Signature Carrot Cake $75

Let’s Create that Cake

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