Lunch Menu


Please note all items listed below can be prepared as an individually packaged lunch for an additional charge.

Beef on a Bun/ $20 plate
Tender roast beef seasoned with rosemary & garlic, sliced thin and drenched in real beef gravy. Served with Caesar salad and lots of fresh baked buns. Accompanied by a light dessert tray.

Chili & Cornbread/ $18 plate
Enjoy our updated Mexican inspired chili with lots of fresh ground beef, assorted beans, fresh corn bits and a sweet hint of Mexican chili and cilantro. Served with fresh baked cornbread and our chipotle mango slaw. Includes a light dessert tray.

Traditional Beef Lasagna/ $17.75 plate
Enjoy our lasagnas – made fresh daily with hearty beef tomato sauce, sheets of fresh pasta, creamy ricotta, vibrant spinach and lots of mozzarella and parmesan. Served with classic Caesar salad, garlic bread and a light dessert tray. Also Available Chicken Alfredo Lasagna/ Like our traditional lasagna we make this with fresh pasta sheets, creamy ricotta and vibrant spinach. Layered with chicken breast, bacon and rich alfredo sauce. Topped with mozzarella and parmesan. Also Available Layered Vegetable Lasagna/ Layers of fresh pasta sheets filled with rich tomato sauce, fresh spinach, ricotta, zucchini, eggplant, roasted red pepper, broccoli and carrot. Topped with mozzarella and parmesan.

Creamy Baked Chicken & Pasta/ $17.75 per plate
Rich alfredo sauce, chicken breast slices, broccolini and roasted red pepper, tossed with imported Italian penne pasta. Baked with parmesan on top. Served with Caesar salad with golden Caesar vinaigrette. Garlic butter pull-a-part rolls and a light dessert tray included.

Whiskey BBQ Pulled Pork or Chicken/$18 plate
Classic pork shoulder, slow roasted with a whiskey and brown sugar marinade, hand shredded and tossed with a rich BBQ sauce. Served with fresh kaiser rolls, dijon apple slaw, deli potato chips and accompanied by a light dessert platter. Also available with pulled chicken.


Summertime Salad and Sandwich Lunch/$19 plate
Enjoy the great tastes of summer with our limited time summer sandwich & salad selections. Enjoy a combination of great sandwich fillings on sunflower seed multigrain bread, fresh pretzel rolls and onion herb focaccia bread. Selections include BBQ chicken breast, black forest ham & grainy dijon as well as many others. Served up with our mango chipotle slaw and our classic dijon potato salad. Includes an assorted dessert tray. (Also, available as soup & sandwich combo or soup and salad combo)

Mediterranean Salad & Sandwich Sampler/$21 plate
Enjoy our collection of flatbread sandwiches, including tomato & bocconcini with hummus, curry chicken apple fold & Mediterranean chicken club. Served with caprese tomato salad and chilled tortellini salad. Served with a light dessert tray.

Sub Sandwich Lunch/ $19 plate
A collection of subs made with fresh deli meats and cheese and filled with veggies. Served with fresh vegetables and ranch dip, ripple potato chips and a light dessert tray.

Create Your Combo Lunches/ $17.75 plate (for 2 choices/ $19 for 3 choices)
Soup/ Salad/ Sandwiches
Choose any two or have all three for an additional $3.25/ plate. Our sandwiches are made on a variety of fresh baked breads and tortilla wraps, filled with real meats and cheeses and fresh vegetables. Made with our home made dressings and sauces each variety is hearty and flavourful. Our soups are made fresh daily and you can choose from meat and vegetables bases as well as cream or broth. Choose one of our salad options below. All combos include a light dessert tray.

Side Salad Selections
Mandarin Spinach Salad (GF)
California Mixed Greens (GF)
Pear & Berry Spinach Salad (GF)
Mexican Corn & Black Bean Salad (GF)
Greek Pasta (Available GF)
Chilled Tortellini
Broccoli Mandarin (GF)
Classic Caesar Salad
Moroccan Green Apple Salad (GF)
Dijon Potato Salad (GF)
Summer Soinach Salad w/ Dijon Maple Vinaigrette (GF)


Philly Cheesesteak Lunch/ $21 per plate
Already a new hit! Thinly sliced roast beef, vibrantly seasoned and topped with strips of sweet bell peppers and swiss cheese. Served with a selection of fresh toasted buns. With a summer spinach salad with dijon maple vinaigrette. Includes our brownie trio (or a light dessert tray).

Greek Pita Bar/ $21 per plate
Requested again and again! A great solution for a group with dietary requests. A selection of fresh pitas (gluten free is also available for an additional $2 each), fill them with fresh chicken breast, red and green bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, red onion, tzatziki, hummus, parmesan dip, dijon mayo, & feta cheese. Served with a green Greek salad (or try our Greek pasta salad… also available with gluten free quinoa pasta) and a light dessert tray.

Balsamic Buttermilk Roasted Chicken Lunch/ $25 per plate
Tender oven roasted chicken breast, basted for 24 hours in our rich, balsamic buttermilk marinade. Served with sea salt & butter roasted asparagus, lemon roasted baby potatoes and a summer spinach salad with dijon maple vinaigrette. Includes assorted breads and a light dessert tray.

BBQ Pulled Roast Beef/ $21 per plate
Slow roasted Alberta beef, marinated in beer and roasted garlic & rich BBQ sauce. Served with a selection of fresh kaiser rolls and a Mexican corn and black bean pasta salad. This meal is available gluten free as well. Served with brownie trio.

BBQ Chicken with Roasted Potatoes & Grilled Corn on the Cob/ $23 plate
Enjoy our favourite BBQ basted, oven roasted chicken legs & backs, served with new nugget potatoes, roasted with sea salt and fresh herbs, chipotle butter corn on the cob, fresh baked focaccia bread and mandarin spinach with our signature orange cream dressing. Accompanied by a light dessert tray.

Honey Glazed Ham Lunch/ $23 plate
A hearty meal of honey glazed ham, served with herb & garlic roasted potatoes, cinnamon glazed carrots and mandarin spinach salad. Accompanied by assorted breads and a light dessert selection.

Mediterranean Roast Chicken Lunch/ $25 plate
Enjoy Mediterranean spiced chicken breast, roasted and served with basil pesto sauce. Served with herb & garlic focaccia bread, roasted potato medley, roasted squash medley, green Greek salad and a variety of light desserts.

Soy Ginger Baked Salmon Lunch/ $26 plate
Boneless filets of Atlantic salmon baked with ginger sesame glaze. Served with roasted vegetables, steamed rice pilaf and an Asian green salad. Served with fresh bread selections and a light dessert selection.


Mexican Chicken Wrap Combo/ $20
Enjoy our new selection of rustic Mexican chicken wraps, verde chicken wrap and our new chicken wrap with roasted corn & black beans. Served with a Mexican corn and black bean salad and a green Mexican salad with verde salsa vinaigrette. Salsa & sour cream also included. Enjoyed with a selection of light desserts. Best served with our new cold brewed iced tea/ $20 per batch (serves 10)

Butter Chicken Lunch/ $20 plate
Our classic butter chicken, loaded with chicken breast, sweet bell peppers, onions and celery and a rich creamy curry sauce. Served with basmati rice, California mixed greens, and garlic buttered naan bread. Includes a light dessert tray. Add cashews for $0.50/serving.

Quiche Lunch/ $20 plate
Our classic quiche – your choice of meat and cheese, spinach & tomato, or roasted vegetable and feta. Served with fresh garlic bread, our new green apple side salad and a light dessert tray. Add an additional slice of quiche for $4.00/ piece.

Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo/ $18.50 plate
Enjoy our new chicken salad fillings on a variety of bread and wraps. Includes cranberry & apple chicken salad, tarragon chicken salad, and tandoori chicken with mango chutney. Also available with deviled egg salad, curry apple tuna salad and zesty seafood sandwiches. Served up with potato chips, vegetable tray, ranch dip and a fruit & dessert tray.


Boxed Lunches/ $18.5 each
Choose from subs or wraps, along with carrots & dip, fresh fruit, chips and a fresh baked cookie. Individually packed and ready to go. Add a bottle of water, pop or juice for a complete meal.

Premium Boxed Lunch/ $24 each
Includes a premium chicken or salmon spinach salad, trail mix, fresh fruit selection, new york cheesecake, international cheese selection w/ crackers and potato chips. Boxed up and ready to serve! (salads can be switched for one of our premium wrap or sandwich selections.)

gluten-free boxes are available.

Lasagna Lunch/ $17.5 each +$2 for individually packaged lunches

Your choice of a beef , chicken alfredo or vegetarian lasagna. Caesar salad, garlic bread and a light dessert tray.


Wraps $12 each
Sandwiches $12 each
Pitas $12 each
Subs $12 each
Pickle Tray $2.00/ serving
Deli Potato Chips & Dip $20/ bag and jar
Simple Cheese Tray $4/ serving
Fruit Tray $3.25/ Serving
Vegetables & Dip $3/ serving
Fresh Baked Cookies $2 each
Dessert Tray $3.5/ serving
Brownies $4.5 each
Trail Mix or Fresh Baked Maple Granola/ $4.5 each

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