Lance Warkentin

Lance Warkentin

Meet Lance:

Q: What’s your name?
A: Lance “Sir Lancelot” Warkentin

Q: What is your official title?
A: Causer of all creative chaos & food specialty genius. Also secondary plumber. Julie is the primary handiwoman around here.

Q: How long have you been with Jeffrey’s?
A: I started Jeffrey’s up in 2001 when I was 19/20 (?) – I was born to feed people and decided a restaurant/catering business was a great way to harness my own creativity & passion while bringing the same opportunities to others.

Q: What are some the “moments” that stand out to you with having ran a successful & growing business for 15 years?
A: I think one thing would be how the journeys of our customers – our friends, family & neighbours actually – have become our journey as well. We’ve shared a LOT of life together and without each other, our stories would be lacking and dull. So the opportunity to serve, to create and to love have been a huge part, and will be a huge part of Jeffrey’s.

Jeffrey’s has been far from a solo project – there have been an abundance of family and friends who have made is possible. The goodness of Christ in what He has done and continues to do in me through those who He has brought into my story. All praise goes to Jesus.
I also like when I’m right. Or when I win Rock, Paper & Scissors. Small victories #adayinthelifeoflance

Q: What is one of your favourite items on the menu?
A: California Mixed Greens Salad. Or whatever I’m concocting and photographing

Q: Favourite Colour?
A: Green

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