Melanie Dlugos

Melanie Dlugos

Meet Melanie:

Q: Name please?
A: Melanie Dlugos

Q: What is your title?
A: You should ask Lance that one…

Q: Ok, what is your job here at Park?
A: I’m the kitchen manager for Park Street

Q: So what does that look like exactly?
A: Well, I oversee the daily orders from each restaurant – making sure all the items they need from the kitchen are prepped and sent out. Once the restaurants are taken care of, I handle the prep of all the daily orders – everything from breakfast & lunches to dinners or special events. Some days, all of our catering orders have to be out within an hour and other days they can be spread out over the day.

Q: How many orders does the kitchen handle per day?
A: Typically? Well catering is usually 6 – 12 orders per day. Plus each restaurant and our baking orders.

Q: Baking orders?
A: Yep, baking orders. Jeffrey’s also delivers baking and food items for several contracts on a daily basis.

Q: What or who inspired your love of cooking?
A: My Grandma Barb. She was a very dear & special lady who had a deep impact on my life. I can see a lot of the things she loved and did in my own life.

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